SPECIAL EDITION: Northwest Houston Photo Club Christmas Prayer

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David Bahn-Reflections Podcast 

For the past 16 years I have offered a Christmas prayer for our photo club Christmas party. I offer a light-hearted prayer, but manage always to mention Jesus and the love of God displayed in his birth. Here, for your enjoyment, is this year’s prayer:

To the tune of Jingle Bells

Refrain:           Canonites, Sonyians, Fujiists, Nikonians
Oh what fun it is to click and chimp to our hearts’ delight! – YIKES!
Don’t forget the Olympiasts or Petntaxians.
All can enter their photos monthly – even cell-phoneians!

A week or two ago, I assigned myself this prayer
And surely I did know, I couldn’t just grab last year’s
Last year’s a’long time ago. So many things have changed
So you’ll have to endure this forced refrain before we eat Jello (or anything else!) –Refrain

To eat and drink and party, we gather every year
And tradition has it now, I get to sing a prayer
So let’s all bow our heads and give thanks to the One above
Who first said, “Let light shine-in-the-dark,” and showed us his great love. Oh… – Refrain

I celebrate the Lord, and sing praise to Jesus Christ
To those who hear me now, I wish you joy and peace.
The food we now may share, and drink, and plenteous good will
God’s gifts for which I give great thanks, and hope you’ll join me still! Oh… – Refrain

So let the party begin…or for some continue on
We’re here to celebrate another year of fun.
We’ve won blue, red, or white, and some no ribbons at all
But we’ve all learned enough to take a shot to deck the wall! Oh… – Refrain

So let me end this prayer, and say sincerely thanks,
For all good will and food we’ll share to fill our tanks.
I’m saying my Amen. I hope you’ll add yours too.
And have a blessed Christmas time and happy New Year too! …Amen!

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