Center Focus

My heart shall rejoice in your salvation. Psalm 13:5

Are any among you suffering? They should pray. Are any cheerful? They should sing songs of praise. James 5:13

Sebastian & Co

H.W. Sebastian Co. Bridge | Old Appleton, MO | February 2015

With the advent of the microchip cameras have taken major steps forward in both complexity and potential automatic control. You can set your camera on “A” and it will do all the work for you: focus, aperture, shutter-speed, ISO, color balance. It is almost true when someone will say, “Wow! That’s a nice camera. I bet it takes good pictures.” When someone says that, I want to set it on the table and say, “Yes! Let’s watch it take a photo.” Obviously it’s not that automatic!

In fact one can control how automatic the camera is, and even how the variables within some choices may be manipulated. Focus is one example. You can set the camera to read the entire field of view, average it all out and set the focus on an average of the various focus points in the frame. You can set the automatic focus to find faces, or a specific spot in the frame. My go-to is center focus. I can find the point on which I want to focus and then re-frame, and shoot.

Our center-focus as followers of Jesus Christ must be Jesus. He is the most important element of all of life. He is the center from which all good radiates, and by which true balance is achieved.

When we reflect on Jesus’ salvation our hearts will rejoice. But when times are difficult we can pray through Jesus. And when times of joy return we sing his praise. What does this look like for me?

  • Remembering to use Jesus’ name to pray, praise, and give thanks to God – not to swear or express disgust.
  • Remembering Jesus’ love to me when I face difficulty, and his ultimate deliverance from all adversity and trouble
  • Centering my hopes on Jesus’ gifts of life, salvation, forgiveness, and grace
  • Keeping in mind that true riches are those which Jesus purchased and won for me by his death and resurrection – and seeking those true riches above all else
  • Living under Jesus’ reign and rule in my heart; a reign of grace, and a rule of faith in the goodness of God
  • Believing, trusting, and hoping for Jesus’ vindication and justification in the face of whatever loss, injustice, or suffering I may ever have to endure
  • Learning more about Jesus by reading his word and by living a life of service and love for others
  • Embracing the truth he embodied: whoever seeks to gain life will lose it, but whoever loses life for Jesus’ sake will find it; not seeking to be served, but serving others for their eternal good and blessing

I’m certainly not perfectly Jesus-Center-Focused, but I seek to pursue that in all of life. How about you?

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