The 400 Pound Gorilla

It is the Lord; let him do what seems good to him. 1 Samuel 3:18

Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10

The view outside our bedroom at the Guatemala guesthouse in which we are staying this week. We are learning about a potential foreign mission opportunity here.

Where does a 400 pound gorilla sit? Anywhere he wants to. So goes the joke. But so goes life in general. The large, powerful, dangerous, and imposing people in the world manage to have their way…one way or another. Whether it’s a large company pushing aside smaller competitors, or the political strongman having his way in a third world country: the strong and powerful always seem to prevail.

When it comes to God, however, it doesn’t always seem as though he gets his way. This is truly remarkable. God is all powerful and mighty, strong and above all powers. So why does it not always go His way? Why do children get murdered? Why does disease destroy? Why do hurricanes wreck havoc?

Sin, Satan, and the fallen world conspire against God’s good and gracious will. That’s the short answer. But what of God’s power over those three? Perhaps a better question is, What are we not seeing when it comes to the will of God? The epic battles of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings comes to mind. There is a battle raging; sometimes seen and sometimes unseen. The outcome has been secured by Jesus’ sacrificial death and his triumphant resurrection. God wins! That’s the story of the whole sweep of history. We don’t always see the ways of Satan’s defeat. The cross is perhaps the best example of that truth.

There is yet another thing to keep in mind in this regard. A 400 pound gorilla sits anywhere he wants until a stronger power comes along. Then he is usurped. Despotic dictators are overthrown. The world eventually recovers from the hurricane. But God will never be displaced. He reigns and rules over all things for all times.

There may be a battle raging around you right now. You may wonder about God’s will in your life. But God’s will is good. His mercy endures forever; His faithfulness to all generations. Let God’s will be done in our lives, even if we must walk through the valley of the shadow of death to reach the mountain heights of His victory over every evil power in heaven and on earth.

  1. Nice pic! I appreciate your comments and the references to Psalm 100 and 23 at the end. May we all see God at work around us . . . and in us. Peace and safety!

  2. Don Pfennig said:

    I like your explanation of the earthly strong “gorillas” winning on earth. What is God’s opinion of him? We are comforted by His promise.

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