Photo Club Christmas Party Prayer

Arise! Shine! For your light has come. – Isaiah 60:1


Thanks to Jerry Klumpp for this photo. | December 5, 2017

Diane and I hosted the photo club Christmas party again this year. Once again, I provided a prayer/poem for the evening and meal. For your enjoyment…


2017 Northwest Houston Photo Club Christmas Party Prayer
by David Bahn

It’s time again for our Christmas party
We’re glad you’re here all hale and hardy!
So, welcome to our home tonight,
We’ve got seats for all – though it may be tight.

Our photo club is – as some would say –
A gourmet dining club with a certain way
Of seeing the world through camera and lens;
Though there’s often debate as to which one wins.

Is it Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Sony?
Is it Nik software? Or is it Adobe?
No matter what, or even who,
The shots are great; the are winners too!

We celebrate Christmas in this house
As a reminder of God’s love for family and spouse
And no matter the badge or gear we may love
I’m here to point to God’s gift from above.

Alan’s slideshow will be a highlight for sure
Though we may also tonight shed a tear
As we remember Annie Laurie and Delores’ husband Joe
We do miss them; we’re sad to have seen them go.

But let us not forget to send our thanks
To the One who thought up this idea that ranks
On the top of anyone’s list of blessings and joy:
The Lord God almighty who sent us his Boy.

The Baby Jesus is the reason for this season.
And though some will opt for a different reason,
I invite those who will to join me in praying
To God up above, and in thanksgiving saying:

We thank you, dear God for your love and good favor,
And ask that you bless us and help us to savor
Not only food and drink we enjoy once again,
But your greater gifts of life, hope, and joy; in Jesus’ name…Amen.

1 comment
  1. Tevan said:

    Great! Wonderful! What a great hobby! And as you say: Flowers by God and photos by David! Maria and I love flowers so much; we call them our children!

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