Grace upon Grace

God does great things beyond searching out,
    and marvelous things beyond number. – Job 9:10

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. – John 1:16


Taken in Alaska – July 2016

Many years ago in a town far away I had a conversation with my dental hygienist. Perhaps it is because it was around this time of year. Maybe it was because of what she said. Likely it was both. She confided in me that they told their children that they weren’t going to spend nearly as much money on their Christmas gifts that year – perhaps only $500 or $600 each(!). That really struck me partly because that was likely our total Christmas budget – including the cost of the gas to drive to and from Missouri after the Christmas Day service at the church I served. One more layer to this onion: that was at least 23 years ago. Today that would equal $1,125.42…per child. Try multiplying that times 4!

Perhaps your situation and resources and situation are such that spending $1,000 or more per child is not outrageous. Maybe your love language is giving gifts, and your Christmas tree is piled high with beautifully-wrapped gifts under the tree. Maybe you’ve arranged for a Mercedes to be delivered to your home, to be put in the driveway with the requisite red bow for your dear one to see on Christmas morning. If that’s the case, hopefully you will use it to drive to church on Christmas morning (Christmas falls on a Sunday this year after all).

Maybe you’re not a gift-giver, but you use words to express love. It could be that you have that loving touch that you love offering and receiving. There are those who experience love by acts of service, and still others appreciate quality time and see that as the means of experiencing and expressing love.

Whatever your love language may be, look at how it is spoken this Christmas! Grace upon grace poured out for you and me. The abundance of love, and words of grace and truth pour from Jesus’ lips. Consider the time Jesus spent with his disciples, or the way he touched the blind or the children. Grace upon grace; love overflowing.

God does good work; marvelous things without measure! His grace knows no limits, nor does he skimp on showing his love – in the end giving himself fully to a lost, wayward, erring, and deceived race, who took, beat, mocked, crucified, and killed him. Grace upon grace poured out from the cross, and into our lives…now and through all eternity.

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