Do You See What I See?

Light dawns for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart. – Psalm 97:11

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. – Matthew 2:10 (NKJV)


“Mary Did You Know” was one image of four that I displayed at the Christmas in the Arts event at St. John. It is two photos, one superimposed over the other in a manner that brings the blue color cast and the lines and squiggle. The one photo is of one of our nativity scenes, the superimposed photo is of a building in downtown Houston. (Taken in 2010)

Some people are said to have an eye for photography; that is they see great image opportunities in their mind’s eye before capturing them in the camera. It takes a good eye to be a good photographer. I’ve been told I have a good eye, and occasionally I manage to capture a good shot. Others with whom I consort, however, display photos that I could only hope to capture. The simplest scene becomes a photo offering that inspires and enriches.

When it comes to faith, God, God’s promises, and spiritual truths, the eyes of faith see things that the casual observer misses. What’s more, although seeing with the eyes of faith is a lifelong pursuit, it is something even a child can do. Often they do it better than we adults. For seeing with the eyes of faith requires that we look beyond the obvious, and focus on God’s word and promises. Seeing with the eyes of faith requires that we repent of our short-sightedness, look into the heart of God, and believe what he has revealed about himself in the Baby of Bethlehem.

I’m not certain whether the magi struggled to follow the star, suffering with the crises of the soul in the darkness of the night, or struggling with doubts of their quest. It is clear, however, that they saw not only the star, but something beyond it. Their joy would indicate that God had worked faith in their hearts, and that their faith was being rewarded by this sighting.

The promise to the righteous and upright in heart is a promise to the faithful. It is offered to those who hold God in high esteem and who believe his word. It is made more secure in those who recognize in Jesus the righteousness of perfect faith. It is rewarded because such faith is well placed.

Perhaps there is a dark place from which you are seeking God’s light. Maybe the light of God’s love seems dim and far away. When you hold the goodness, faithfulness, grace, and love of God in your heart, that dim light will grow strong and bright. The darkness of doubt will give way to the enlightenment of God’s favor. That is the message and promise of Christmas which we see with the eyes of faith.

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