After the Cultural Earthquake

Exodus 20:14

You shall not commit adultery.

Hebrews 13:4

Let marriage be held in honor.


A dragonfly perches on a water lily as it closes up for the night.

I once heard a radio talk show host opine that 75% of married couples had cheated on one another – that is that at least one had done so. I remember hearing caller after caller agree with his assessment. I was stunned. They certainly lived in a world different than mine. Surely that was not actually the case.

Now I read that a Barna study has determined that a majority of Americans believe in cohabitation as a good idea before getting married. It might be that this is a result of people seeing the destroyed landscape of marriages gone bad. That sacred union has been shattered time and again, hurting children and parents, and leaving deep scars. It’s as if we’ve witnessed a grave cultural earthquake, and no one wants to go back into the destroyed houses and buildings that we once thought safe.

The sad thing, however, is that the supposed safe haven to which many have fled is not really safe. Some think that checking out how people will get along before tying the knot will preserve them from graver harm. But when two people connect sexually they become one flesh. And no matter how one might deny it there will be emotional scarring when the one is ripped apart into two.

When two people commit to each other in an exclusive relationship, and remain faithful to each other in the bonds of marriage, God is honored. They give witness to the loving relationship between Christ and the church. This is God’s calling for his people and expresses our true identity as brothers and sisters in Christ: the family of God.

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