God’s Faithfulness & Our Calling

Zechariah 13:9

I will say, “They are my people;” and they will say, “The Lord is our God.”

1 Peter 2:25

You were going astray like sheep, but now you have returned to the shepherd and guardian of your souls. 


This rose was growing outside my hotel room in Livermore, CA where the LCEF Board of Directors was meeting…in January of 2016.

God has done all that is necessary for our eternal good. He has created us. He has established the world with all its laws and realities in which we may live. He has revealed himself to us and shown us who he is – through the words of the Old Testament prophets and the Word-made-flesh Son of God, in whom the New Testament is centered. He has also called us “his people.” He calls us to faith. All things have been done; the table has been set. Our part is to receive his gifts and enjoy his presence and blessing now and forever.

When we sinned, he redeemed us so that we who had wandered like lost sheep might return to him who loves us and guides, guards, and provides for us. If God had not acted, nothing we could do would make such a relationship possible. We would be forever lost.

If we ignore his salvation, his guidance, his rightful place in our lives we are the poorer for it. It does not change him. It does not remove the gifts. It simply, sadly, and significantly removes us from the enjoyment of those gifts and replaces them with an eternal separation from him and all that is good.

This is the basis of the covenant relationship between us and God: He acts. He offers. He promises. We repent and return to him. We believe. We follow. We declare: “We are God’s people. The Lord is our God.”

  1. Sue said:

    Beautifully, simply and profoundly said. Thank you, David.

    • Thanks Sue. It’s good to get back into the groove of writing again. I appreciate your encouragement. Best to you!

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