Special Post: The NWHPC Christmas Party Prayer

Click here for an audio version of this blog post. 

Every December for the past several years when the Northwest Houston Photo Club holds its Christmas party, I am invited to offer a prayer. I take it as an opportunity to give witness to my Lord Jesus whose birth we celebrate. So, here is this year’s prayer…

2019 NWHPC at our home | Cypress, Texas | December 2019 (Before Covid!)

‘Twas the night of the Christmas party
And all through the club
Not a flash tube was popping
We were all waiting for grub.

And I with my Sony and
Others with their gear
Were happily talking
And sharing good cheer.

When out from the kitchen
There came plates for a few
We’d all soon be eatin’
We couldn’t wait to chew.

But first things first!
We’ll have to hold tight;
Let’s remember to pray
Before we eat tonight!

Face to face, and in the flesh
We celebrate with joy and bliss
Whether Nikon, Canon, Fuji, or Pentax
Olympus, Sony, iPhone, or who did I miss?!?

So let’s bow our heads now
And offer up a blessing
For food, drink, and friends
It’s God we’re addressing!

So what’s on your list?
Will you join me in praying?
“Thank you, God, for these gifts,”
The greatest is Jesus, I’m saying.

And any who wish
Can join me again,
And speak it out loud:
A heartfelt…Amen!

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