Annual Photo Club Christmas Party Prayer

Here is this year’s Christmas Party prayer for the Northwest Houston Photo Club of which I am a member. More information about all that is following the prayer. Enjoy…

Ho Ho Ho? Ho Ho No! It’s 2020, after all!

It’s time to gather in a virtual way
Whoever thought we’d live to see this day!
Our meetings are all now ZOOMed
Is live and in-person is actually doomed?

And here we are this Christmas time
With suggested lists of drink and wine
But even with our holiday apparel
These times seem to have us over a barrel!

Ho Ho Ho? Ho Ho No! It’s 2020, after all!

And while these days might not be fun
Dear Father in heaven, you sent your Son
Into a broken world to give us true hope.
We look to you to help us cope.

Whether we shoot Sony, Nikon, Cannon or Pentax 
We look to you and now we ask,
For your blessing on our food and fun tonight.
We’re a fun-loving lot who love your light.

Ho Ho Ho? Ho Ho No! It’s 2020, after all!

If ever there was a time of great need
It is these times that may lead
Us to ask in Jesus’ name, and trusting in your love,
For help from you, the Almighty above. 

Please bless this food with your grace,
And though we’re not meeting face to face,
We will no longer have to say
Ho Ho Ho? Ho Ho No! It’s 2020, after all!

But in hopes of your kindness 
And true joy to us, 
We’ll all simply say: 

Ho Ho Ho! Ho Ho Ho! We are celebrating anyway!


Each year the Northwest Houston Photo Club has a Christmas party. We’ve enjoyed hosting it at our house in previous years. Each year, I’ve been asked to offer a prayer for the meal, which I have taken as an invitation to connect photographers of all types (Canonites, Nikonians, Sony, and Pentax users) with the message of Christmas in a lighthearted manner. I hope this is not offensive, but at least a bit convivial. 

  1. This is so delightful! Your love for your Photo Club is evident in your levity toward 2020 and genuine love for Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer. Although not a member, always look forward to this annual post! I’m always left smiling! God’s blessings upon you and yours.
    BTW…does it have a tune or is it a poetic prayer?

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