A Tradition Worthy of Jesus Followers-EDIT

The final paragraph of my post today had a significant error. A commitment to the truth of God’s word is a worthy tradition. Passing worldly mores never provide sound guidance. Here is the corrected paragraph:

Whether it’s the Black Lives Matter or Back the Blue, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, or the Roman Catholic Church, we all have our failures and foibles, our sins and iniquities. We all need the forgiveness of Jesus. “There is no one righteous. No not one” (Romans 3:10). Self-righteousness never befits a follower of Jesus. Nor does a commitment to passing worldly mores rather than to God’s word to determine what is good or evil. The traditions we should all follow are to listen with humility to Jesus’ word, to refuse to look for loopholes, to live in humility and love toward God and neighbor, and to rejoice in Jesus’ goodness and grace. 

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