Perfection, Wisdom, & Knowledge

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. Psalm 19:7

In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2:3


“ARUS EIGHTY THREE – II” | Fort Casey, WA | January 2019

I am not a perfect guy. That comes as no surprise to anyone who knows the truth of the fallen state of man. We’re all sinners. We all fail. But there are some perfect people – humanly speaking – in the world. Some of them are our work associates, fellow students, family members, or neighbors.

I recall seeing one such person from afar. He was getting ready to do some work in his yard and put out little flags to identify every single one of the sprinkler heads. I thought it was a bit much, more than really necessary. Then I happened to see his garage when he was pulling out one day. Every single tool, lawn-care implement, extension cord, paint can, lawn-care chemical, and can of oil – whatever you can imagine to be in a well-stocked garage – was perfectly place. Completely in line. Not one misaligned item. Not one. This man was obsessively perfect. Even his cars were perfectly aligned in the garage; not one inch to the right or left of where they should be.

I have a fairly neat garage. But it’s not perfect. And don’t even ask me about my desk in my office at home! I like to think that my messiness makes me lovable. I’m approachable. People won’t be put off my my perfectionism. I hope that they are not put off my my messiness!

Consider God. When I think of the phrase, “the Word became flesh,” I have in mind a bit of messiness. The birth process is messy, and without more modern sterile birthing practices, and a feed trough in which he was laid, Jesus embraced the messiness of this world. He took on human flesh and lived among us. Life is messy. Jesus embraced all of our messiness.

But Jesus is also pure and perfect, wise and with full knowledge of us and our fallen state. He is not some plastic cut-out of a perfectly-coiffed, nattily-dressed, and pristinely-presented televangelist. He is real. But don’t let that realness fool you. He is wise beyond any human, and perfect from his heart. He knows you perfectly and has no battle within himself to overcome in order to love you fully. That’s a perfection for which we can all thank God!

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  1. “He knows you perfectly and has no battle within himself to overcome in order to love you fully. That’s a perfection for which we can all thank God!”

    This statement to me is just fantastic! It is also revealing as to how we DO have this battle to love others fully. When we are hurt or rejected we retract or react and neither move relationships in a positive direction. When we are well received we respond more openly or may even perform a bit to keep up a front. These obviously have both good and bad points. But, when we love openly, unabashedly out of the kindness of knowing God’s mercy and Jesus’ gift of salvation to us, a new awareness of the sweetness of the gift lands itself deep. You just want more and to give more. Jesus in us is seen and felt and known all around … fully!

    This is a wonderful messy post. Our desks are kindred, I’m certain! All lovable!!!!

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