The Lord has been mindful of us; he will bless us. Psalm 115:12

Rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Luke 10:20


“ProSeries 428” | Fort Point, WA | January 2019

The other day I took the dongle off my earbuds in order that I could plug them into my computer for a conference call. I normally keep the dongle on the earbuds so I can plug them into my iPhone (thanks Apple…NOT!). Nonetheless, I did that. Shortly thereafter I put the little two inch white connector SOMEWHERE. The problem is that I did it really absentmindedly. REALLY absentmindedly. I have no idea where I put it. I looked for the treasured connector several times before giving up and buying a new one (Did I already thank Apple for removing the earphone plug from its latest and greatest phone? But I digress).

If that was the only time I was absentminded, that would be one thing. There may be other times as well. If not absentminded, try inattentive, distracted, thoughtless. I particularly rue the fact that I could ever be thoughtless. I pride myself on being thoughtful, kind, and attentive. Sadly, however, I am too often distracted, otherwise-focused, or preoccupied. My wife will testify to that fact – sorry Diane!

Thankfully God is never any of those disconnected things. He is mindful, attentive, aware, present, and focused. He hears when we whisper our prayers. He listens when we sigh our anxious thoughts. His eye is on the sparrow, and we are worth more than many sparrows (Matthew 10:30-31). He knows our thoughts, needs, desires, hopes, dreams, and struggles. Every one of them. Every. Single. One.

What is truly amazing about all this has to do with our forgetfulness, thoughtlessness, and inattentiveness to God. We are so often very too much taken by the things, worries, desires, distractions, and allurements of the world. How many times does your mind wander to places of sinful thoughts? How often is God completely absent from your mind?

God knows all this. He knows everything about you. He knows your thoughts. He knows your words. He knows the things you have done in secret. He knows the things you try to hide. He knows the secret shame you dredge up in the dark hours of the night. And still God loves you. In fact he loves the real you more than any fake, put on a good show, stiff-upper-lip, don’t-let-them-see-you-sweat, hold-your-head-high self you might try to project.

Jesus died for the real you. The broken you. The thoughtless you. The forgetful you. The hidden, shame-ridden you. The fearful, anxious, worried, sleepless you. He lives in you so that there may also be times of joy, celebration, thanksgiving, thoughtfulness, and awareness. Then we can put God in his proper place and keep aware of others’ needs. Then we can rejoice in God’s faithful awareness of us, our needs, joys, hopes, and struggles. For he has been mindful of us!

  1. Sue Elsholz said:

    One of your best. Thank you.

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