Precious Peace

I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them. Ezekiel 37:26

Christ Jesus came and proclaimed peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near. Ephesians 2:17


Lighthouse | Fort Point, WA | January 2019

From a quick Google search on the action of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today. He signed a bill that legalizes abortion up until birth in many cases. Three different reports portrayed three different perspectives toward the action. In every case, I am deeply distressed and troubled by this action.

FOX had the following: 

New York ‘celebrates’ legalizing abortion until birth as Catholic …

4 hours ago – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is under fire from faith leaders after he signed a bill into law that legalizes abortion up until birth in many cases. The Democratic governor directed the One World Trade Center and other landmarks to be lit in pink Tuesday to celebrate the passage of …

CNN’s headline:

New York puts in measures to protect access to abortion … –

4 hours ago – New York (CNN) On the 46th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, New York state passed a law to protect women’s access to abortion if the historic …

CBS observed:

New York passes law allowing abortions up until baby’s due date if …

8 hours ago – New York state has enacted strong new legal protections for abortion rights. The new law, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, …

Against this tumultuous and distressing news, God’s offer of peace is a precious blessing. To be at peace in your heart in the face of the turmoil and trauma of social strife and upheaval, or just when the everyday difficulties of life bring us down, Jesus gift of peace can be more soothing than we might expect.
Just today a friend asked for prayer and I texted back, “Peace and joy in Jesus.” Peace was the key to the conundrum she faced. Jesus’ peace sorted things out for her.
I am struggling right now with some occasionally-severe sciatica. Sometimes all I can do is trust God and wait for his healing touch. Always I look for his gift of peace. It transcends all human understanding and man’s manipulation, and worldly wisdom. We’ll not discover it until we lean into Jesus’ words and God’s promises. Sometimes that leaning in comes only when all other props are taken away. Precious peace! What a blessing from Jesus!
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  1. I am so troubled by what is so willingly flung in the face of our righteous God as good or right while instead the right posture would be that of woeful sorrow and deep contrition. My heart extends to the young woman or girl who is duped into believing that abortion rights are good and her prerogative to use as her justification for having her child killed and removed from her body as waste. May God’s grace and mercy find its way to her and fill her as only, ONLY he can.
    Jesus is our “peace we cannot understand” (song lyrics). In his peace answers come 🙂 What comfort and what delight!

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