Let Me Tell You

I will tell of your name to my brothers and sisters. Psalm 22:22

The women left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples. Matthew 28:8

Winter Berries | Fort Point, Washington | December 2018

I recently had my car serviced, and following that got an email request to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. I declined. We regularly get carry-out pizza at a local store. In every pizza there is a survey that allows us to earn $2, $3, or $4 off on our next visit. I’ll do that one! Same for our Friday breakfast restaurant. If you go online and fill out a survey you get a code for a future discount. The one question I always have trouble with is, “Based on your experience today, how likely are you to recommend our restaurant to your friends and family?” Ugh.

I don’t make many recommendations. And when I do, it’s voluntary, not coerced. I’ll recommend Peli Peli any day. It’s expensive (which I always share) but the food is truly wonderful and Chef Paul has an amazing story of God’s grace; and there are 12 Bibles in the walls of his Vintage Park restaurant. But don’t ask me to recommend anything by having me fill out a survey!

How about you? How about you and God? Do you recommend him? Do you tell of his name? Do you witness to his goodness? Do you share the Good News of his redeeming love?

There is no survey to fill out. There is no discount coupon to claim if you do. There is no customer loyalty program in which to enroll. But the free gift of salvation for the sake of Jesus Christ is priceless. His call to repentance and faith is for all people. He is true through and through, faithful without fault, gracious to the core of his being, and just in all his ways.

Give me a chance and I’ll tell you about him. Gladly. Winsomely (I hope). Thankful for the opportunity. Rejoicing in his triumph over every evil and sin. Let me tell you. Please!

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