The Rider Called Faithful and True

O Lord of hosts, you are God, you alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; you have made heaven and earth. Isaiah 37:16

Then I saw heaven open, and there was a white horse. Its rider is called Faithful and True; it is with justice that he judges and fights his battles. Revelation 19:11 (GNT)

Single Bloom | Martinshöhe, Germany | July 2018

We were visiting family in another part of the world recently, and I was very proud of myself when I could navigate home from the restaurant successfully. I required only the assurance as I approached an intersection that I was about to take the correct turn – and that without GPS! There are, moreover, many ways to get to and our destinations: take your pick! Some, however, are better than others.

The same is claimed of God. Some will say, “All roads lead to heaven.” Those who make that claim dismiss the “you alone” part of Isaiah’s message. They will readily accept the idea of a multiple choice pantheon of gods: take your pick. Some are better than others, but any one of them will suffice. Achieve a higher level of consciousness. Make peace with your inner self. Learn to live out the five pillars. These are but some the options available. Of all the gods – and Hinduism has 1000’s of them – there are only two basic theological alternatives. Either you find your way to God, inner peace, true enlightenment, or a full life, or God finds his way to you and brings salvation to you.

The latter is the confession of the Christian faith. We believe that there is but one God, and that we have no power or means by which we are able to come to him, find our way into his graces, or be saved. But what we cannot do, God has done for us in Jesus Christ his Son. The Creator of the Universe alone is God, and he has come to us, and will come to us again on the Great Last Day with justice in faithfulness and truth.

In these days of optional or relative truth, when true faithfulness is not expected even of those who govern us, it is good to be reminded of the One True God. He alone is the creator and preserver of the world and everything in it. He alone is faithful, just and true. We dare not look to any other.

  1. I’ll use this for today’s Staff Devotion. 🙂

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