The Impetuous Boldness of Faith

Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have founded a bulwark. Psalm 8:2

Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. Mark 10:14

20160726-Anchorage, Alaska-02085

A day lily unfolds in the morning sun Anchorage, Alaska.

Imagine a gathering of a dozen or so people who have been invited to hear a proposal from the Prime Minister of Israel. The security is tight. The occasion very somber and the proposal of vital importance. He will be offering a very well-thought-out plan to bring peace to that troubled part of the world – taking into account issues surrounding Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Isis.

Into this meeting wanders a child. Five or six years old, and needing help finding his parents who just happen to be in the same building. The child walks up to the Prime Minister and asks, “Can you help me find my mom and dad?” She isn’t worried about security, protocol, or anything other than her need to find her parents. She is bold, unashamed, and in need. She goes to the person in the room who just happens to have great power, many resources, and incredible authority. She may not know all that, but nonetheless, she goes, seeking and asking. I could imagine such a scene. Except for the the security guards who would surely intervene this is an entirely believable scenario.

No wonder Jesus praises little children as heroes of faith. They are unashamed, unassuming, bold, completely aware of their need, and willing to ask anyone for help: President, Prime Minister, or next door neighbor. If we are honest, we are no different. We have great needs. We need God’s help.

In faith – because of Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy – we can go unashamedly and boldly to God for help. Jesus’ security team tried to keep the children from gaining access to him, but he received them, took them into his arms and blessed them, and made the point that the kingdom of God belongs to such as them.

We have a God who welcomes us with open arms, hears our prayers, and blesses us by his grace. When he answers our prayers we can do the child’s happy dance of joy – praising God for his goodness, mercy, help and love.

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