Easy Targets & True Deliverance

Psalm 9:19 

Rise up, O Lord! Do not let mortals prevail.

Luke 18:7

And will not God grant justice to his chosen ones who cry to him day and night? 

20160726-Anchorage, Alaska-02056

One of the beautiful and many flowers we saw in Anchorage while on vacation.

Violence continues in Europe with the horrific death of Father Jacques Hamel, the French priest who was martyred at the hands of ISIS. The Democratic National Convention has its moments of discord and infighting no less than that of the Republican Convention. Then there are the thugs of our inner cities, the human traffickers, and any number of evil and violent men who plague our nation.

It’s enough to make you cry out to God: “Rise up, O Lord!” We might even wish to call upon God to deal with his own people within the church in that manner: Do not let those who would pervert the gospel of Jesus have their way.

Perhaps you are being treated unfairly at work, or someone in your family is not being true and fair with you. You might wish to call upon God to provide his justice against your adversary. Sometimes it is just that clear: you are being wronged, and you need his help in righting the wrongs done to you.

The true deliverance, however, is not just the quashing of evil, or the disarming of the most dangerous threat. Our true deliverance occurred 2000 years ago when Jesus died at the hands of sinful men, rested in the tomb and arose on the third day. He rose up to announce the fulfillment of justice and the absolute victory over every sin, injustice, violence, and hurt. That will one day be perfectly completed and experienced when Jesus returns. Then peace and justice will prevail for God’s people for all eternity.

Until then we wait in faith and hope, calling out to God for mercy and justice, humility and truth, grace, love, and righteousness: founded in Jesus. Secured in his death and resurrection. Anticipated when he comes again to judge the living and the dead.

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