Level Ground and God’s Salvation

Psalm 138:6

Though the Lord is high, he regards the lowly; but the haughty he perceives from far away.

1 Corinthians 1:28

God chose what is low and despised in the world.


This water lily blossom was one of a few in the reflection pond outside of the Jewel Box in St. Louis, Missouri’s Forest Park

Few of us think of ourselves as better than everyone else. Few of us look down on others. We may think that the drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists, and other low lifes are severely on the wrong path – which they are! – but we know we’re no better. We know and believe that the ground is level at the foot of the cross.

The world, however, thinks differently. If you’re not making multi-billion dollar deals, rallying huge crowds of supporters, garnering the limelight for your latest accomplishment, or jetting off to some exclusive Caribbean resort, you’re low and despised in the world’s view. If you’re not really smart, beautiful, rich, or powerful, you have no standing in the world’s eyes. And that’s most of us.

Thanks be to God that he chooses the humble and brings down the haughty. For Jesus died for the sins of the world. And that means sinners are special to him. If you don’t think of yourself as a sinner, why would you need a Savior? But if you realize that apart from God’s grace you have no hope, you are in a place of great honor; the Creator of the Universe has a high regard and calling for you. Those who look to Jesus will find eternal joy and salvation no matter how low they may be viewed by the rest of the world.

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