Victory Tents

Psalm 118:15–16

There are glad songs of victory in the tents of the righteous: “The right hand of the Lord is exalted; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.”

Matthew 13:43

The righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.


There might be those who say that the songs of victory following the Indiana primary elections last night are in the tents of righteousness. There would be those who say those songs are decidedly not in the tents of the righteous. To put it clearly: some are celebrating the victory of Donald Trump in Indiana; others are certain that this was not a win for the righteous (the same might be said had the outcome been different, by the way).

There is a danger in tying the success of one political party or candidate to the triumph or doom of righteousness. Political victories tend to be short-lived. The rule and reign of God in the hearts of men and women is another thing altogether. We may claim that our cause is just and our purposes honorable; and indeed they ought to be. The final vindication, however, will be determined and announced by God on the Day of Judgment.

How will we be shown to be righteous in the end? How will we shine like the sun, and join the celebration of eternal victory in the kingdom of God? The only sure way, indeed the only way whatsoever is through our connection with the King of Righteousness, Jesus Christ. Whatever may be said about other human heros, their righteousness pales in comparison to the righteousness of Christ. Those who stand in faith with him will shine like him throughout eternity.

Whatever may have happened last night in Indiana will shape the future for a number of people for a while. But that which happened 2000 years ago when Jesus suffered, died, rose again shapes the future of multitudes of peoples from every tribe, language, nation, and people under the sun. Those who put their faith in Jesus will be forever glad when he comes on the Great Last Day.

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