Gladness Boats and Ultimate Hopes

Psalm 33:21

Our heart is glad in the Lord, because we trust in his holy name.

1 Peter 1:13

Set all your hope on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring you when he is revealed.


What fills your gladness boat? Is thinking of a vacation in the mountains or a Bahamas getaway more to your liking? Perhaps it’s the joy of your grandchildren, or the anticipation of a Saturday morning T-ball game with your kids. There are bright spots all around us in these days and times of affluence.

But I think of our brothers and sisters in Kenya where the living is difficult and the joys are much more frugal. The children we visited in a village near Kisumu were delighted to see their dad, and to meet some white westerners. Their joy was in chasing the cats across the dirt yard, and enjoying some warm milk and bread with us.

Then there is Jesus Christ and the joy of the Lord. God has revealed himself to us in Jesus. He has provided his name to us so that we may know him and call on him in worship, praise and prayer. This reality is the great unifier among all those who call Jesus Lord. Whether from a mansion high on a hill or little mud hut in a faraway village, true gladness is in the Lord for those who trust in his name. Jesus must remain as our hope for all these things – houses, vacations, and any earthly joy will one day come to an end.

The eternal joy of Jesus is a true hope which unites us all. Sometimes that is difficult to realize and embrace. But God calls us to set all our hope on his grace, and look toward that time when the truth of Jesus’ glory is fully revealed.

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