Faithfulness Well Lived

Genesis 39:9

Joseph said to his master’s wife, “How then could I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”  

Hebrews 3:6

Christ was faithful over God’s house as a son. 

The link between faithfulness and reward is sometimes long and by nature visible only with the eyes of faith. Temptation comes and opportunities arise for cutting corners, taking care of yourself rather than trusting God. We may know what is right, or best, but the quick fix is so appealing. Faith looks to God’s word, his character, promises, and commands.

Too often people look for justification for their actions, even using the Bible to prove their point.  Many don’t bother to ask the question about faithfulness, obedience, or sin. It seems there are far too few Josephs in the world today.

For Joseph there was no question about good and evil. There were no subtleties about nuances of morality, legality, God’s laws or state’s authority. His choice was clear: he could give into the seduction of Potiphar’s wife or not. He could do evil in the eyes of God, or refuse her enticements. He chose to be faithful to God, even though it meant being set up and put into prison. His reward came years later because he remained faithful.

Jesus was the greatest example of perfect faithfulness and ultimate reward. While for Joseph faithfulness took him through prison before he was vindicated, Jesus’ faithfulness took him all the way through death. Both, however, entrusted themselves to God and realized that he would deliver them because he is faithful, his word is true, and he can be trusted. God, after all, is the source of all true faithfulness. When we entrust ourselves to him we will not be put to shame; that’s faithfulness well lived.

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