Courageous Faithfulness

Psalm 31:24

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.

Mark 13:13

The one who endures to the end will be saved.


If we take Ephesians 6 seriously, we are in no less of a battle. Ours is not a Hollywood-produced fantasy. Rather than against flesh and blood, we battle against principalities, powers, and authorities in the heavenly realm. Satan and his demonic league are on a rampage, seeking to destroy, kill, and steal.

For most of us the battle is not so obvious. But it is no less real. We bring our prayers to God in behalf of a wayward daughter, seeking God’s help to bring her back home. We face temptation at work to go along with unethical practices. We struggle with depression or physical illness, loneliness and shame – all the while yearning for God’s peace and help. We face the end of our days with endless hours of loneliness  and waiting, praying that God would allow us to depart in peace.

As we await God’s answer to prayer, or hold to a godly path in the face of temptation, or rebuke Satan when he accuses us, we can do so with Jesus’ help. That help comes by way of Jesus’ example – whether quoting Scripture, investing himself in hours of prayer, or living in faith in the face of death itself. When we discover that we have not lived up to Jesus’ example we can draw great comfort in Jesus’ righteousness which we receive by faith. His sacrifice secured that gift for us, and is the greatest source of help in the time of need. Embracing Jesus’ righteousness and following Jesus’ example is at the core of courageous faith.

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