NWHPC Christmas Party Prayer

Each year for the past several Christmas parties I have offered a prayer. Somewhat light-hearted, but sincere and offering  the prayer in Jesus’ name, it is my personal witness to the reason for the season. Here is this year’s prayer. By the way, I call those who shoot Nikon cameras Nikonians, those who shoot Canon, Canonites, etc. It’s part of the lighthearted nature of the prayer.

The tradition continues year after year:
We gather together for food and good cheer.
The NWHPC is a group really that
Is a gourmet dining club with a photo habit!

Thanks to the hospitality of Pam and Bear
We enjoy the friendships with those we hold near.
And when the time comes to begin with a prayer
We turn to our resident Rev – who this year is the chair.

This is the season for God who loves much:
Nikonians, Sonyans, Canonites, Pentaxians, and such
To touch our hearts and move us to pray
For thanks and good favor from day to day.

So bow if you wish to acknowledge these gifts
And even more the Giver who gives us all this.
Thanking God for good food, good drink, and his favor,
And the gift of his Son who lay in a manger.

May this be a good night filled with such fun
We’ll barely think we’ve started when the evening is done.
And as we end this prayer and get on with our feast,
We pray for world peace for greatest and least.

I ask this in Jesus’ name, for Him I call Lord
And invite those who wish to join in accord
Saying thanks be to God and at the end
To join me in speaking our heartfelt… Amen!

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