Entitled or Thankfully Faithful?

Jeremiah 32:19

Your eyes are open to all the ways of mortals.

Acts 17:28

In him we live and move and have our being.


We have gotten great joy of late just watching our grandchildren as they play. Whether in person, hearing two sisters talking and playing together, or through video. They bring joy to our hearts. Just the other day we were doing a video call with our California family and we watched their youngest daughter – not yet 1 year old – climb into her highchair. Naturally we alerted her parents who were closer at hand to protect her from a potentially dangerous fall.

I’m not certain that God is entertained by our naively innocent adventures. But I do know that God is watching us – both from a distance and up close and personal. It is quite likely that we are often unaware of his presence and protection. But it is certain that we are the better for it. It ought also not to be lost on us that God cares for us mortals.

The eyes of the Creator of the Universe are open to all the ways of mortals. There is nothing hidden from his sight. There is no place that gives us cover from his concern. He is gracious in his intent and care for us. But he is not naive; he is wise to all our ways.

We could rest in selfish and self-serving smugness in his care. We might even take that gracious watchfulness for granted, or treat it as an entitlement. In the unrepentant heart grace breeds entitlement. In the repentant heart grace fuels love, gratitude, and generosity. Better we should be thankful that God’s watchfulness is for our blessing and good, and thank, praise, serve and obey him in the confidence of his watchful eye.

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