Celebrate | Live | Share

Our friends at 3dm have put together a remarkable array of tools and resources to support those who wish to help churches gain traction in fulfilling the Great Commission in Mike Breen’s book, Building a Discipling Culture. The call to make disciples is very clear. The means of doing so is through the word of God. The 3dm tools are the feet-on-the-ground resources for doing that.

The idea is simple: Our discipleship is inspired by Christ, his call, his death and resurrection. He calls us to a three-dimensional life.

  • celebrate: Our heart toward God; a passionate spirituality and identity that is defined by time spent in intimate relationship with the Father.
  • live: In relationship with others who are following Jesus; a sense of Community where relationships are shaped by a community following together after God.
  • share: In mission to the world; a missional zeal, inspired by the Holy Spirit that is expressed in a lifestyle that makes a difference in the world

Our identity is defined by God’s grace toward us and our time spent in communion with him. Our identity and purpose is shaped by our connections with others who are following Jesus in everyday ways. Our purpose inspired by the Holy Spirit and is expressed in a lifestyle of missional pursuits as we seek to represent God’s kingdom in the world, and push out the boundaries of the Kingdom of God.

We might also say:

  • —You receive from God;
  • ——You share together what God has given; and
  • —You give to others what you have received.
All this is predicated on what God has done for us in Jesus Christ – establishing the possibility of a relationship with himself. It is built on our mutual conversation and consolation as brothers and sisters in Christ, as we follow Jesus together. It is lived out as we join Jesus as he leads us into the world to bring the Good News of his kingdom’s presence to those around us. In the end, we who are followers of Jesus embrace God’s goodness, grace and truth by the power of the Holy Spirit, and by the power of the same Holy Spirit we live that out under Christ in his kingdom and serve him in eternal glory.

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